Sophia is a writer, trainer and motivator specializing in the personal and professional development of individuals and organizations.


  • Author, Writer, & Communications Trainer
  • Top Sales Performer at Citibank Dubai
  • Former Television News Announcer, Goa Doordarshan
  • Sales & Customer Service Coach
  • Business & Personal Branding Expert
  • Movie, Ad, Video Script Writer
  • Business Book Writer for Successful Individuals
  •  Image Consultant 
  •  Business Etiquette Coach
  •  Motivational and Keynote Speaker

Why Sophia

Sophia has over 20 years of local and international corporate experience in helping executives, business leaders and frontline teams to establish and  showcase the very best version of themselves.  She is devoted to your advancement and success.

What You Can Expect

Sophia helps clients to find new strengths, talents, and confidence in themselves that they never knew existed. With Sophia’s  expert guidance, clients are able to overcome pain points and obstacles that have been preventing or limiting them from reaching their pinnacle of success.   

Sophia has been a trainer and  Consultant to clients some of who are doctors, aspiring actors, corporate executives, business owners, trainers, and IT professionals  across  industries.

Sophia has experience of working and training with renowned Indian and International companies, most of which are fortune 500 companies .

She is a master at assisting ambitious business leaders and individuals to use their strengths and talents to reach their greatest potential.

If you are ready to take yourself, your business, and your team to the next level of competitive advantage, superior customer service and future prosperity, Sophia is ready to help.  

Sophia’s Special Programs:


Career Breakthrough

Campus to Corporate Training

How to Build Your Personal Brand

Create a Winning First Impression

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking 

How to Create a Unique Selling Proposition

Mastering the Secrets to a Winning Interview

Business Etiquette for Ambitious Business Professionals

How to Make Your online presence and Profiles Work For You


Reach out to me for:

  • Better Business Professional Image
  • Better spoken English and conversation
  • Better body language and presentation
  • Better leadership and growth
  • Better personal presence and relationships
  • Better personal style and etiquette for every occasion
  • Better self-confidence and self-belief

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